Why choose us?

Your immigration status in the United States is very important since it has a direct impact on your and your family’s future and prosperity. Also, immigration laws and processes can be complex and full of legal pitfalls, where the wrong advice or representation could preclude you and your family from ever obtaining legal status or put in jeopardy the status you have.

Here is why we’re different:

  • We have over 50 year of combined experience working in the field of immigration and nationality law
  • Our Immigration Lawyers are members in good standing of the American Immigration Lawyers Association
  • We offer personalized  and courteous service to all of our clients
  • We offer diligent and professional representation (we will not delay your case, miss an appearance or deadline in you case)
  • All clients have access to an immigration attorney during all stages of the case
  • We provide Honest legal advice
  • We are a full service Immigration Law Office
  • Our fees are competitive and payment plans are available

For business, bad immigration advice or representation could mean losing valuable employees and even monetary fines.

We understand the care and thoughtfulness that should go into choosing the right immigration law professional to assist you.  

We invite you to schedule an initial consultation session with us. Please click the following link for more details.