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Waivers are a very important legal resource because they allow a person to overcome certain grounds of inadmissibility or deportability, which may prevent a person from obtaining a green card or being able to remain legally in the United States. If your application for a green card was denied because you were found inadmissible, it may not be the end of the case because a Waiver may be available to allow you to overcome the inadmissibility ground.

Provisional waivers for unlawful presence can be applied for prior to your departure for an immigrant visa appointment abroad. Moreover, if you already have a green card but the U.S. government is seeking to deport you due to violation of immigration or criminal law, you may be eligible for a waiver to prevent your removal from the United States.
A waiver applicant must demonstrate that he is entitled to the waiver and, in most cases, that he/she warrants favorable discretion. Thus, a well-prepared and documented waiver application has a greater chance of being successful.

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