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In removal/ deportation proceedings you may be eligible for several forms of relief including:

• Cancellation of removal (formerly §212(c) relief and suspension of deportation)
• Adjustment of status to lawful permanent resident
• Asylum, withholding of removal, protection under CAT
• Waivers of removability or inadmissibility
• voluntary departure
• Nunc pro tunc permission to reapply for admission after removal,
• Collateral attack on a previous removal order
• Prosecutorial discretion

However, a number of factors affect eligibility for these forms of relief, including manner of entry into the United States, current immigration status, family ties to the United States, length of residence and/or physical presence in the United States, criminal history, and prior immigration law violations. Thus, please contact us and schedule a consultation to discuss your particular case with one of our attorneys. During the consultation, the attorney will analyze your case and discuss all the immigration options that you may have

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