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S Visas. The S-5 and S-6 visas are limited in number and are for individuals who have important and reliable information concerning a criminal organization or enterprise. They must be willing to supply (or have supplied) information to state or federal law enforcement agents and their presence must be determined to be essential. (These are commonly referred to as “snitch” visas.) The S-5 visa is for people determined to be essential by the Attorney General and to have reliable and critical information about a criminal enterprise or organization. The S-6 visa is for individuals determined jointly by the Secretary of State and Attorney General as having reliable and critical information concerning a terrorist organization where the person seeking the visa is, or will be, in danger if the visa is not granted. Two hundred visas are allocated to the S-5 category and 50 for the S-6 category. These visas are limited to three years and may not be extended; however, the beneficiary may be granted permanent residency later as long as the information provided substantially contributes to the investigation’s success. These visas also are available to family members who are admitted as S-7s.

U Visas. This visa is for a foreigner who has been a victim of a serious crimes (including domestic violence) as listed in the statute, and has suffered “substantial physical or mental abuse as result”. In order to qualify for this visa, the victim must have been helpful, is being helpful, or likely will be helpful to a federal, state or local law enforcement official. The visa is limited to 10,000 issued per year, and there are provisions allowing the victim to adjust status to permanent residency after three years.
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